thats it

Tomorrow we r starting the trip back.. going to Madrid tomorrow and back to Gran canaria on wensday.. time goes qick :( but its gonna be nice to come back. BEACH!!!! Im fat and white. do not like...!!
Im making a stew now. yummi, hungry. but i hope u all have a good day. back to doing nothing ;)


sexy monday

Good morning :) drinking my coffe watching the news and already start with the dinner :)
Have a lot to do today. shopping. packing, hospital. training. relaxing :p

Sabrina is stil sleeping but im gonna wake her up with breakfast later :) gonna update sime more later.


party in copenhagen

2 girls and one bottle of vodka. thats a good night. hade a lot of fun but im not gonna drink anymore now until im back att Gran canaria, on thursday. :p Today we r going to sweden to just chill and do absolutly nothing. sound perfect for me :)

Going back to my powernap now. ciiaooo

did i find my true love ;)

Sun all day :) have been walking and shopping. seeing all things to see. love rome. its so beautiful. I will come back here. Like it alot.

Sabrina is in the shower and im gonna cook some food soon. Pasta carbonara :) Later we r gonna go out partying. fuuuun :) And i think tomorrow its all about shopping. Yeye.

have fun guys... xxx

toma roma

soo. we r in rome and i live it. Hade an amazing day today, some shopping, then we got lost but we hade fun anyway. love it here. tomorrow we gonna go out and she sone more. shower time now then party ;)


oh hello

waiting for the taxi and rome next. I am going to eat so much pasta. Not long now before our eurotrip is over. but its been fun. But we still got some days left. Back home in GC the 25th of october. soo good morning to all of u xxx

sick in paris

igår va en galen natt. fri bar :p killarna här e lätta att flörta med ;)
Idag är jag lite sjuk, inte kul, hoppas bara att jag blir bättre tills i morgon. åker till rom då. ååhh va jag längtar.


Oct. 11, 2012

lever livet i amsterdam. love it here. I morgon åker vi till paris. romantiskt :D ska bli jätte mysigt. nu blir de en kaffe för att vKna upp efte

rocking amsterdam

soooo now we r in amsterdam, awesome. just got here and like it all ready. havnt really pland anything so we r just see whats going to happend :) love it.

hope ur enjoying ur day.


inte ok idag. sjukt bakia efter en natt i london, men vi är på semester så det är bara att bita ihop och hålla färgen. för ikväll kör vi igen, men tror att jag ska börja med frukost. mmmm... mums, kan vara en bra start.

puss o kram

Heads will roll

Omg, its now :) getting ready for LONDON!!! AAHH ITS GONNA BE AWESOOOME BABES :) all my things r still a mess, but just give me 5 min ;)

need took book and print the last tickets now. ciiiiaaaoo xxxx

think its time to pack?

haha really need to start packing. my things are all over the room. Just gonna have a shower then i'll start ;)

what happends in...

heey guuuys :)
was watching what happends in vegas with sabrina. love that movie. why cant the romantic sceens happen in real life?

now were just chillin, watch tv and eating appelpie with vanilla ice cream :) yum. london its gonna be awesome. cant wait.

kisses to my bitches hugs to my thugs ;)

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